a meeting point for contemporary art

TRANSFER and XPO GALLERY partner with HYPERALLERGIC to present a week of salon-style exhibition, daily artist talks and hosted conversations on the conditions of networked culture in contemporary art. These private gatherings @hypersalon will bring together artists, curators, critics, technologists, collectors and dealers.


Emerging contemporary artists present new work, opening their studios to connect face-to-face with an invited audience. Each artist presents for 30 minutes, with time for questions, over brunch @hypersalon daily from 1 – 3PM.

  • Clement Valla [US]
  • Pierre Clement [FR]
  • Daniel Temkin [US]
  • Vincent Broquaire [FR]
  • Rollin Leonard [US]
  • Carla Gannis [US]
  • Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold [FR]
  • Alma Alloro [IL]
  • Claudia Mate [SP]
  • Kate Durbin [US]
  • Claudia Hart [US]
  • Malcolm Levy [CA]
  • Phillip David Stearns [US]
  • Mattie Hillock [US]
  • Marisa Olson [US]
  • Penelope Umbrico [LON]
  • Leslie Thornton [NYC]
  • Alfredo Salazar-Caro [MX]
  • Will Pappenheimer [US]
  • Torkwase Dyson [US]


TRANSFER and XPO Gallery will each present a suite, and an exhibition space featuring a rotating selection of contemporary moving image from our invited guest curators. By appointment, viewers may select a curatorial from the exhibition playlist to view the works. In the outdoor space surrounding @hypersalon sculptural and installation works will be on view.

Installation of our Hypersuite of Moving Images produced in collaboration with Eyebeam Art and Technology Center


We aim to create space for thoughtful discussion about new modes of contemporary art amongst the high-paced atmosphere of the fairs. Each afternoon @hypersalon will feature a presentation and open discussion from institutions, curators, contemporary collections, and other connected collaborators.


Salon participants include: Paul Soulellis (NEW INC member and creator of the 'Printed Web), Hrag Vartanian (Editor-in-chief and co-founder of the arts blog Hyperallergic), Gustavo Matamoros (Founder of the audiotheque and the biannual Subtropics music festival), Wolfgang Gil (Eyebeam), Julia Kagainsky (Director, NEW INC), Magda Sawon (POSTMASTERS Gallery), Alain Servais (Private Collector) Lauren Cornell (New Museum), Alexis Jakubowicz (Fondation Galeries Lafayette), and Travis Fitzgerald (American Medium)


Our sponsors support the exploration of media in contemporary art.


The editors of Hyperallergic host a celebration to launch their digital catalog for the week-long expo at hypersalon.


The team behind the 'Computer Made for Art' will display their latest prototypes and host a curated selection of artists using the platform.


The Tumblr-based curatorial platform screens their annual movies and hosts an expo of art on the Internet.


NYC's Art and Technology Center provides technical equipment and support for the 'Hypersuite' of Moving Images and hosts a day of programming at the salon.


Delightful refreshment provided by Perrier